Meta Trader 5

The World’s Next Most Trading Application for Forex and Stock Exchange market

Download MetaTrader 5 for your device

MetaTrader 5 Web-platform

Trade Forex and CFDs with the MetaTrader 5 web platform without installing or downloading any software application. You can trade on the Forex market with any browser and operating system with an internet connection. Access your trading account with MetaTrader 5 web platform right now.

MetaTrader 5 Desktop

Download MetaTrader 5 and start trading Forex and CFDs with amazing functionality, technical and fundamental market analysis, Copy trading and automated trading features incorporated into this platform. This version offers a diversity of order types and execution modes.

MetaTrader 5 Android

Download MetaTrader 5 on your Android phone or tablet and trade currencies with CFDs. MetaTrader 5 is available for Android allowing you to trade and check your account from wherever you are. Using your smartphone or tablet you can access the main features of the platform.

MetaTrader 5 iOS

he new MetaTrader 5 platform offers mobile online trading on the Forex market.Trade Forex and CFDs directly from your iPhone and iPad! This new application allows you to connect to OctaFX servers, receive currency quotes, analyze financial markets using charts and technical indicators, trade and view the history of your trading operations.

Why Choose MT5?

MetaTrader 5 (MT5), besides simply offering more than MT4 does, also includes features and trading functionalities that are better than many other online trading platforms available today. With MT5, MetaQuotes Software has increased the number of technical analysis tools available, along with more charting and timeframe options. Problems like limited types of pending orders and inability to segregate or get a quick ask/buy with a few clicks have been eliminated, making trading easier and slicker through additional for-traders features.

The Next Generation Trading Platform

More Pending Order Types:

Traders can place eight types of pending orders to get more precise control over open positions.

Cryptocurrency Trading:

MT5 allows intraday swing trading or position trading. A new hedging feature enables scalping as well.

One-Click Trading:

MT5 simplifies the process of opening a new position with a single click.

More Technical Analysis Tools:

MT5 includes additional technical tools, which provide options to choose from over 21 timeframes for charting and nine additional techniques for chart structuring.

Improved EAs:

Integrated MQL Forex market product tabs for EAs.

Economic Calendar:

Traders can now stay up-to-date on economic events, data, and indicators in real time, every hour, for market monitoring.

Clear Segregation:

MT5 allows segregation between the terms of order, position, and transaction.

Optimised Strategy Tester:

Improved testing capabilities for expert advisors and detailed presentation of results.

MT5 Supports all Order types

MT5 trading software gives traders the ease of achieving their trading objectives, regardless whether they are looking for request, instant, exchange, or market execution. With the MT5 trading platform you can place any type of trade order, including
  • Pending orders
  • Market orders
  • Stop orders
  • Trailing stop orders
  • Market Orders

    Market Orders

    For instant execution, trade orders can be immediately completed on the consent of traders or brokers.

    Pending Orders

    Pending Orders

    Orders can be executed in the future, as soon as the market situation agrees with the specified conditions. There are six pending orders available.

    Stop Orders

    Stop Orders

    Can be used with both market and pending orders to minimize losses and lock in profits. There are two stop orders on MT5.

    Trailing Stop

    Trailing Stop

    Stop-losses can be trailed to follow the current price. If the price moves in the opposite direction, the stop-loss levels are changed.

    Features of MT5

    Maximize the full potential of MetaTrader 5 with tight spreads, superior executions and analysis